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Police are probing the actions of a man, claiming to be a medical doctor, who sold a Cape Times reporter scheduled drugs he said would lead to a "pain-free" abortion.>>>
President Jacob Zuma set out to make good on his promise to be a president of the people.>>>
Apartheid minister Adriaan Vlok washed the feet of 13 former police and army members to apologise for leading them onto "the wrong path", it has been reported.>>>
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North Korea appears to have test-fired a short-range missile, the same day it conducted an underground nuclear test, South Korea's Yonhap news agency reported.>>>
Sri Lanka's Tamil Tigers have admitted for the first time that their leader was killed by government troops.>>>
New Zealand's biggest city was brought to a halt by up to 7 000 demonstrators.>>>
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You may have a greater chance of contracting a dread disease before the age of 65 than you have of dying before that age. Yet very few people in South Africa have life assurance against dying and even fewer still have any cover against contracting a dread disease or a severe illness.>>>
Pension Funds Adjudicator (PFA) Mamodupi Mohlala handed down two determinations this week that entrench the right of former spouses to a share of pension benefits when they divorce a member of a retirement fund, as well as their right to receive information about those benefits.>>>
Many people regard their bank statements as a mere formality and don't bother to give them a second glance. However, two cases that came before Clive Pillay, the Ombudsman for Banking Services, highlight the importance of thoroughly checking your bank statements regularly.>>> Widget for your website

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